The bitten

She is a woman who lives between pleasure and pain—the pure, scintillating pleasure of the flesh and the kind of pain that has rocked the world and left it strewn with chaos set to a hip-hop beat. Her name is Damali Richards. And when she makes love to a master vampire, it changes everything in a struggle between good and evil—with the future of humanity hanging in the balance… THE BITTENIn L.A. Bank’s astounding new Vampire Huntress novel, an unforgettable scene of seduction touches off a violent race around the world—and into a realm beneath us. For Damali, once a pawn, has been given a new, pulsating power of her own—bitten by lover and vampire extraordinaire Carlos Rivera. Between them, they know how high the stakes have risen. A powerful lord of darkness has hijacked a mystical key containing the blood of Christ. And for a world where blood runs like a river, one drop of this blood will be the end…


Neteru Guardian TeamEdit

Vampire CouncilEdit

Master VampiresEdit

  • Harold McGuire
  • Gustav Tetrosky
  • Amin
  • Li Xe


  • Carlos Rivera
  • Yonnie
  • Richard Berkfield

Notes Edit

The Bitten is the fourth novel of the series, and was originally intended to be the final novel, but L A Banks was convinced to extend the series due to its popularity. Carlos has descended and is now a councilman.