Shabazz is a tactical guardian on the Neteru guardian team. He is the lifemate of Marlene Stone and adoptive father to Damali Richards.


Early LifeEdit

Shabazz was sent to jail for ten years for killing his friend.

While in jail he kept sensing things. Another prisoner, Haneef Shabazz, watched Shabazz's back in prison. The man was a seer, and he gave Shabazz an address to a place in New Orleans, saying that there was a woman there who was a seer and would know his path. With nothing to lose, once he was free he went to the address, but the woman had moved. Eventually he came to an alley where he saw a woman wielding a walking stick and fighting against three men. After realising that the men were vampires, Shabazz went to help her. Together, back-to-back they took down the vampires. After that, they became a unit.  


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The HuntedEdit

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