The joint Neteru Councils of old, made up of the Neterus who have come before Damali and Carlos. Reside in the sixth ring of Heaven, and are the Light counterparts to the Vampire Council. They aid and advise the current living Neterus.

Council of QueensEdit

Eve: The first Neteru, mother of Cain, Abel and Seth and (second) wife of Adam. Was Neteru together with Adam. Had a run-in with Dante, the Vampire Council Chairman, who seduced her into (temporarily) leaving Adam. Her reputation was dented because of this, and she was not given leadership of the Neteru Council. Her symbol is the scrolling Sankofa, placed at the base of her spine. She wears a red robe, and represents the root (primal energy) chakra.

Aset: The second female Neteru, and head of the Queens' Council. Mother of Heru and wife to Ausar. Was Neteru together with Ausar. She has two symbols, Mmra Krado and Nsoroma. She wears a silver robe, and represents the crown chakra.

Aztec: Her symbol is Aya. She wears a blue robe and rules the throat chakra.

Asian, Lady Fu Hao: Symbol-- Nyame biribi wo soro na ma embeka mensa. Interlocking loops of two halves joined to make one, placed just over her heart. A symbol of hope. Native American: Symbol-- Aya tattoo, placed on the muscled part of her shoulder pulse. It is the symbol of the fern, but also the mark of defiance—simply stated, I am not afraid of you. 

Nefertiti: Symbol-- Ntesie matemasie, placed at her navel. I have heard it and kept it—the symbol of wisdom and knowledge. Was Neteru together with Akhenaton, her husband. Had six daughters, one of which nailed Tut.

Penthesiliea: Symbol-- Akoben (war horn) placed on the forearm of her blade arm. Wears a novice-white robe. Lived in the 1500s, in the Amazon. Was felled by disease.  

Joan: Symbol-- Nyame nwu na mawu. Four hearts that make a floral pattern, placed in the center of her forehead, where her Third Eye is. Wears a yellow robe. represents the solar plexus chakra.

Nzinga: Symbol-- Akoko nan tiaba na enkum ba (a double-bladed battle axe), placed at the base of her neck, just before her spine begins. The hen treads upon its chicks but does not kill them. Wears a purple robe, represents the Third Eye chakra.

Council of KingsEdit