Neterus are beings who embody the divine force of the Light. They are sent to assist mankind once every thousand years. It can be either male or female. In the Vampire Huntress Legend Series, the current Neteru is a female.

Powers & Abilities Edit

  • Extrasensory Perception - Is a sensor, one blessed with all of the above-mentioned spiritual gifts, but yet stronger, more naturally skilled, and thus considered omniscience.
  • Superhuman Stamina - But this special being is also different physically than the other Guardians. Although mortal like his/her Guardian brethren, The Neteru’s bone structure and muscle mass is denser, his/her skin is more elastic, vital organs are more shielded by extra layers of ligament and tissue—to enable The Neteru to sustain injuries during battles that might be life-threatening to the normal human. The Neteru’s metabolism burns faster and his/her antibodies along with an unbreakable spiritual will, are designed to converge upon a demon or vampire bite and purge the system of the viral infection to ward off a possession or vampiric turn. The Neteru has a natural immunity to a demonic or vampire bite.

Death Edit

When the Neteru dies hat spirit essence, that life force ascends and conjoins with all the forces of The Light to serve the Higher good from the unseen positive realms. A Neteru's body is traditionally cremated to prevent it from being taken and misused by the dark forces.

Characters Edit

Female NeterusEdit

  • Eve (reigned jointly with Adam)
  • Aset (reigned jointly with Ausar)
  • Aztec Queen
  • Native American Queen
  • Lady Fu Hao
  • Nzinga 
  • Nefertiti
  • Cleopatra (was stripped of her title)

Male NeterusEdit

  • Adam (reigned jointly with Eve)
  • Ausar (reigned jointly with Aset)