Jose is a male tracker guardian on the Neteru guardian team. He is married to Juanita, a seer. He is one of Damali's original team members.

In Minion, during the battle in Philly Jose sees his girlfriend, Dee Dee, as a hybrid vampire, and has to watch her be staked. However, Dee Dee was also pregnant with his child, so when the team returned to LA Jose began to fall ill and die, as a part of him was in Dee Dee when she died. He has to be hospitalised twice during the three days before Damali's twenty first birthday, and the team realises that the only chance he has of recovery is if Damali kills the master vampire who made Dee Dee. For the Raise the Dead concert, Jose designs a special shark suit for Damali to wear while battling in Hell, claiming that to came to him while he was unconscious in the hospital. He accompanies the team into Hell, where Damali stakes the head vampire, Nuit, which allows Jose to finally heal.


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