Daniel is Damali's business manager and a member of her guardian team. He is a tactical guardian. He is married to Heather, a stonehenger.


In Minion, Dan starts off working for Damali as her business manager, and has no idea about the supernatural world. He gets an offer from Blood Music, and plans to accept it, not realising that the organisation is run by vampires. Damali and her team warn him not to, and tell him to pray and go to a synagogue if he is near the płace at night. Dan goes to Fallon Nuit to accept the deal and feels a strange presence following him out of the building. Almost immediately, he is attacked by Raven, but Carlos saves him and tells him to go to Damali's compound.

Daniel calls Damali and as he flees the area Raven follows him. Daniel tells Damali where he is and she promises to come get him. But Raven finally catches up to Dan and attacks him, but Daniel is saved by his star of David. He hides in his car until Damali and her team arrive on the scene. Then, he watches and helps the guardians battle Raven and her vampire forces, and sees Raven be staked by Damali.

At the hospital, the guardians realise that Dan is a tactical and that he was meant to join the guardian team. So he officially becomes part of Damali's team. He continues his business management work and organises Damali's participation in the Raise the Dead concert. During the concert, Dan goes into Hell with the team and experiences his first battle.

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