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Vital statistics
Title Neteru Queen, Co-ruler of the Neteru Queen Council
Gender Female
Race Kemetian
Faction Light Forces
Health N/A
Level Neteru, Ring Six
Status Deceased
Location Sixth Ring of Heaven

Aset is the second female Neteru made, and head of the Queens' Council. Mother of Heru and wife to Ausar. Was Neteru together with Ausar. She has two symbols, Mmra Krado and Nsoroma. She wears a silver robe, and represents the crown chakra.


Reign as NeteruEdit

Not much is known about Aset and Ausar's early reign together. When Ausar was felled in battle by Set and his body torn into pieces and scattered, Aset scoured the land for the pieces, brought Ausar back together and literally prayed him back to life. Soon after, their son, Heru, was conceived in the New Pharaoh's chamber in the Light. It is unclear whether the battle in which Ausar died was the same battle in which he was torn into pieces. After Ausar's death Aset reigned alone. 

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